Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Andy's new Lexus

Andy finally decided to go out and buy a nice fancy car which he always settled for a car that got good milage but not always looked good and he loves it and is really picky about this one. It's a beautiful Car and the first thing he did was get the windows tinted which made it look even better. The navigation system is the coolest feature of this car, lol.

Back up camera

Keyless start

After the window tint

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yay, My kitchen is Finally done.

After weeks and weeks of remodeling the kitchen Andy Finally finished it this weekend. We still need to find a new slider and buy a new celling fan but I was able to finally put things in place this weekend. We did all new oak Cabinets, which Rich did a awesome job on them and also included some neat little gadgets and did a different look than we had before. We had all new black with splashes of gold granite counters done and it looks very pretty. We did a nice backsplash with a pewter accent and it finished the look. We bought all new Bosch stainless steel appliances and unless you like to clean all the time stainless steel is not for you, lol. I love the dishwasher, you barely hear the thing running when it's on.

Since Chris is moving out there is so much he needs so it was a good excuse to buy everything new, new cookware, Utensils and small appliances and all I need is new dinnerware which I have my eye on a eight piece set with glasses at Pier 1. I did the coffee theme and found some nice accents here and there to decorate the kitchen. Overall I love the way it came out and next will be our bathroom but not ready for another mess so I want to wait a few weeks but hopefully before Christmas. I still need to take some pics of the kitchen so as soon as I do I will add them.

Some things just need to be jotted down.

Although I have no pic's right now they aren't always as important as jotting down memories, Happiness, sadness and everything precious. My blog has been untouched for several weeks now and my memory is not as good as it once was so sometimes I need a little help to remember the important things. Chris and Crystal found a townhome in Valencia and they move into it this Saturday (Nov 3rd, 2007) and although im very happy for him and know he will do really good it still brings a tear to my eyes everytime I think about him moving out and I know Saturday it will hit me more and then even more when he doesn't walk in the door at dinner time when he gets home from work. I know at 23 they should be out on their own but it's still hard to let go after all those years. I can't wait to see his townhome and from what I have heard it's very nice and has all the upgrades, He will be an hour closer to work which will make things so much easier for him and leave him more time at home. It's a big step in his life and it's going to be different for him in the beggining until he manages his money and bills but I wish him the very best. I will post pic's once I get some this weekend.