Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More from Vegas

I have tons of pics from this trip to Vegas so im going to have to break them up and proof a few at a time when I have time. Here are a few more out of the bunch I have. Vegas is a fun and colorful place and any one that has a love for photography can go crazy there, but on the other hand when your with someone that has no intrest in photography it makes it harder to stop at every thing and try to get a good sharp picture without making them stop everytime you do and wait till you set up your shot. But I have to admit DH is pretty patient with me and he also looks out for great photo opp's and points them out for me and also has the patience to help me switch lenses non stop, lol.

This was taken in the women's bathroom at the Wynn, Fancy isn't it?

Las Vegas

DH and I went to Las Vegas for Memorial weekend, We had a great time. We walked a lot this weekend and seen a lot, The new (the Wynn) was beautiful and very high class, I will add pictures of it once I get them edited but for now here are a few.